Read some of our policy research, reports and analysis from what used to be called the Pearson Think Tank.

The Pearson Think Tank was an independent education think tank focused on the provision of, and access to, high-quality education for all. In 2014 the Think Tank migrated to 2 separate areas of Pearson.

The best of Pearson Think Tank’s research material is now housed on Open Ideas. It’s part of Pearson’s new Global Research team.

The policy analysis side of the Think Tank (Policy Watch) remains unchanged.

We thought it might be helpful to link through to some of the reports from the Pearson Think Tank, so you can find details of these below.

Access for All

Careers 2020

Enterprise Education

Tweeting for Teachers

A new conversation with parents

(Un)informed Choices

Unleashing Greatness

Rational Numbers

Future Universities

Technicians and Progression

Subject to Change