International businesses are increasingly looking to invest more in external professional training and certification programmes, and to develop their own. Find out how Pearson VUE can meet your professional assessment needs.

Develop your own assessment programme

Whatever aspect of professional competence you’re looking to measure, Pearson can help ensure a fair, valid, reliable and legally defensible exam. Our team of content developers and psychometricians can build a world-class certification or assessment programme for your international teams which can tie in to a training programme developed by Pearson (or another provider).

See how we can help you develop your own assessment programme

Through our Acclaim platform, your employees can also share their newly earned credentials digitally through social media, widely acknowledging your investment!

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Create your test delivery network

Credible professional training and exams require the highest standards of rigour and security. Whether you’re looking to create your own in-house network of private testing centres or you would prefer the broader flexibility and security of our global network of authorised testing centres, there’s a model that will service your staff to get certified with the highest levels of security, wherever they are.

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