English is the global language of business - yet only 7% of non-native English speakers in global companies think they communicate well at work. Find out how updating your English learning approach can benefit your company and your people.

Our English language learning solution for business is specifically designed for employers to help their staff communicate, collaborate and operate in a common language - empowering your teams to do their jobs in English.

A powerful approach to English learning

Pearson English Business Solutions delivers digitally enabled blended talent development. It’s our approach that makes us unique.

We combine formal learning – structured, goal-based methodologies – with an informal approach. We use the latest media and content to engage with learners, who are encouraged to discuss, interact and collaborate on projects outside of their formal learning schedule.

When combined with ‘on-the-job’ tools that immediately increase productivity in the workplace, this makes for a truly powerful learning approach, designed specifically to achieve relevant, measurable business results.

We’ve measured the impact, and the results are incredible. To learn more, read our report on Measuring The Continuing Impact – Business English as a Prerequisite for Global Business.

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