Whether your need is for technical certification for your staff or training tailored to your organisation, find out how Pearson TQ can work with you to design, develop and deliver a wide range of training programmes.

Pearson TQ is a leading education and training provider that manages and delivers training for public and private sector clients in the UK.

We work with large and small organisations across a range of disciplines and 4 key areas:

  • Technical and vocational - Accredited training for the rail, power, health and safety and utility industries. 
  • Leadership and development - Training and executive coaching, focused on improving people’s performance at work.
  • Outdoor education - Exciting and adventurous learning programmes in the great outdoors for schools, youth groups and corporates.
  • Managed services - We deliver bespoke teaching and training solutions to organisations with more complex and in-depth requirements.

Qualifications and certifications

Our technical and vocational training offers nationally recognised and accredited qualifications and certifications to industries including rail, power, health and safety and utilities.

Find out more about our technical and vocational qualifications

We also deliver accredited ILM and CMI qualifications through our leadership and development capability.

Find out more about our leadership and development qualifications

An experienced MoD training provider

Pearson TQ is also an experienced training provider to the UK Ministry of Defence and wider armed forces.

We’ve been awarded various major long-term military education and training contracts, with course lengths ranging from 1 day to 2 years. This is due to the depth of our military knowledge, the strength of our longstanding MoD client relationships and the wealth of ex-military personnel with the organisation.

We provide training support and opportunities to military personnel throughout their professional careers - from education and training establishments where students first embark on their military career, right through to our resettlement training programmes for service personnel leaving the Forces.

Case study: Welbeck Defence Sixth Form College

At Welbeck Defence Sixth Form College we help ambitious young people to start their careers as engineers, Technical Officers and civil servants in the MoD.

Created to give a 21st-century learning experience to future officers within defence, Welbeck has a strong academic focus on STEM subjects while also developing the physical and mental qualities needed for a career in the Forces.