Have you considered hiring an apprentice or investing in an apprenticeship for an existing member of staff? According to the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS), 96% of companies that employ apprentices have reported a benefit to their business.

What is an apprenticeship?

Are there different levels of apprenticeships?

Who can be an apprentice?

How would employing an apprentice benefit my company?

How are apprenticeships funded?

How are apprenticeship standards changing?

What do other employers have to say about apprenticeships?

In this video, Bal Samra, Commercial Director at the BBC, talks about his organisation’s commitment to apprenticeships as a means of developing their workforce, as well as their experience of working with Pearson to increase their apprenticeship numbers.

The BBC Apprenticeship scheme is enabling us to attract a diverse pool of talent. We currently have 37 apprentices and our ambition is to move that to 170, 1% of the workforce.
If we can develop this scheme and it results in an accreditation, it is an amazing place to be and Pearson has been central to it.

Bal Samra, Commercial Director, BBC.

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We've designed an employer’s guide to help you decide if an apprentice would benefit your business and to help you start finding and developing the stars of tomorrow.

It will answer your questions about how an apprentice would work in your company, how much it costs and who provides the training.

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