Jobs in this sector cover a range of skills such as design, business, science and engineering. It's not just about working outdoors – you might work in a laboratory, shop, surgery or even a design studio.

Working with animals doesn't always mean becoming a vet – you could work in the growing pet care business or training guide dogs. Jobs on the land include agricultural scientist or maintaining the tennis courts at Wimbledon. Careers in the environment include park ranger or working for an environmental charity.

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Skills and qualities needed

  • Awareness of environmental issues or conservation
  • Concern for the welfare of, and confidence with animals
  • Responsible
  • Scientific understanding
  • Tolerance of dirty or smelly conditions.

Career areas


Working with animals in different environments, in pet shops, veterinary surgeries, animal centres, on farms and in zoos.

Conservation and environment

Managing landscapes, species and access to the countryside, and working on issues such as climate change or biodiversity.


Working in farming, landscaping, gardening and in garden centres, maintaining sports grounds or researching plant diseases.