Many of these jobs deal with other people’s leisure time, but not all of them. For example, people often travel for business, and catering services are needed in hospitals, schools and prisons.

Work in travel and tourism includes arranging and providing air, sea, train and bus transport in the UK or overseas. Hospitality provides food and drink services. Jobs in sport and leisure involve coaching or playing sport, and working in places like casinos and cinemas. Retail (shopping) includes online shopping and high street shops. Personal services cover hair, beauty and massage. People also require the services of people like interpreters and cleaners to help make their lives easier.

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Skills and qualities needed

  • Retail, leisure and travel: puts the customer first, able to motivate people, interest in visitor attractions and travel, able to deal with many different customers, can handle money, able to understand what motivates customers
  • Sport: physically fit, knowledge of anatomy and physiology, understanding of nutrition and a healthy diet, enthusiasm for sport.

Career areas

Hospitality and catering

Working in food, drink and hotels, usually involving customer service, but also planning, ordering and buying supplies.

Personal services

Providing things that people may not have the time or expertise to do for themselves, such as hairdressing or cleaning.


Selling products to customers. Shops (outlets) may be on the high street, online or selling to other businesses in the UK or abroad.

Sport and leisure

Providing opportunities for people to do sports and activities and to enjoy entertainment.


Arranging and providing travel, transport, tourist attractions and holidays in the UK or abroad.