From dyslexia to social impairment, one in five learners has a special educational need or disability. With our interventions, assessments and support, you can help every one of your FE students to reach their full potential.

With these tools you can profile your students’ strengths and weaknesses, assess their needs and support them to improve and monitor their progress. Every part of the process is about helping learners with special needs to feel good about their future.

Assessments and interventions

Beck Youth Inventories, Second Edition

Used to evaluate children's and adolescents' emotional and social impairment.

Detailed Assessment of Speed of Handwriting (DASH) 17+

Measures handwriting speed for students aged from 17 to 25.

Cogmed Working Memory Training

Online training to improve attention by increasing working memory capacity.

Psychometrics Training Online

Online training package to support you in using standardised assessments.

Dyslexia Adult Screening Test (DAST)

Screens for dyslexia and other learning difficulties in further education.

Access arrangements

If you want to change the conditions under which a student with special needs will be sitting their exams, you’ll have to provide evidence of the specific difficulties that they have. Clinical assessments like DASH 17+ and DAST will help you do this.

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Special requirements

Access arrangements are just one type of special exam requirements that your school or college can apply for on a student’s behalf – to give them the chance to perform at their best.

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