Our Global Rights Licensing department takes every opportunity to sell the rights to Pearson titles by representing our authors’ work to publishers all around the world.

Foreign rights to our books

To sell rights, we promote all our titles to foreign publishers face to face, usually at book fairs.

We don’t just work with well-developed markets - we also aim to build up business in new and changing markets through licensing.

Once a publisher decides to buy the rights to a title, we’ll establish the number of copies that will be printed, what the proposed retail price will be, and negotiate terms. If a licensee wants to make minor changes to a book for a particular market, they’ll have to get the author’s approval first.

We monitor sales of every foreign edition for the life of that book and consult with foreign publishers if there’s a reprint.

If a new UK edition is published, we’ll give first right of refusal to the foreign publisher of the earlier edition (as long as their performance has been satisfactory). If a new book is published in a series, we’ll usually offer this and any following titles to the same foreign publisher.

For all enquiries about the reuse of text and image material, please contact USApermissions@pearson.com.