Thank you for considering Pearson and Financial Times Publishing as a potential home for your book. We focus on publishing market leading trade, consumer and professional titles.

We’ve put together some guidelines to help you submit a proposal. If you can answer the questions we ask here, it will help us to understand your vision for your book, its potential in the market, and whether it fits with our publishing programme. Give us the best answers you can and we’ll have a good basis for an initial conversation, which will help us to make the right decision.

Things to think about

As you write your proposal, remember that a simple premise makes it easier to sell a book. This doesn’t mean that we shy away from difficult subjects, just that we’re looking for a book with a clear approach to its subject and compelling positioning.

Please also remember that we’re looking for books with a long shelf life. By this we mean that we want to publish books that we can make bestsellers for many years across many editions.

Once we’ve received your proposal, we’ll get in touch with our feedback as soon as we can. We hope you’ll understand that it may take some time for us to get back to you. Please let us know if you need a response urgently or if your book is under consideration by another publisher.

Can I get feedback on my idea before submitting a full proposal?

Yes, you can submit an outline proposal to us and we’ll give you our feedback as soon as we can.

How to structure your proposal

If you’re going to submit a book proposal to us, it should be structured like this. Use our guidelines, tips and questions to help you to complete each section.

1. Title (and subtitle)

2. The most compelling message

3. The book description

4. The customer

5. What aspects of this book will most contribute to its overall success?

6. The contents

7. About the author

8. Author platform and marketing

9. Market positioning

10. Competition

11. Additional publishing opportunities

12. Delivery

13. Your objectives

14. One last thing

How to submit a book proposal for Pearson Business

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