In these pages, you can find out how we safeguard your information and how we use it to improve our products and services for the benefit of all our customers.

The nature of our business means that, from time to time, we’ll require some personal details from our customers.

The data we collect could just be a name and an email address, but depending on your level of engagement with Pearson, it could be much more than that.

The personal information you’ve shared with us, along with data on how you use our websites - what you search for and what preferences you select, for example - help us to better understand our customers as a group and as individuals. This in turn helps us to provide a range of products and services that meet your needs.

How we protect your data

When you share your personal information with any company, you have a right to expect that information to be treated with total confidentiality.

Our customers’ privacy is extremely important to us. We’re committed to protecting any personal information you’ve given us, and we comply with all relevant data protection laws.

This means that:

  • We take full responsibility for the information we hold about you
  • We will protect your privacy at all times
  • We will never sell your personal information.

Whether you’ve supplied your personal details online, by phone or text, by email or in a letter, we will never use them without your consent. We’ll only use them for the purposes for which they were initially requested and as fully explained in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

These policies explain how your personal data is being managed and safeguarded by us, including:

  • what information we collect about you
  • how we collect and use this information
  • how we safeguard the information you’ve provided
  • how to report abuse.


If you visit a Pearson website or online service that has its own specific privacy policy or legal notice, then these will apply rather than the standard ones.

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