We’ve collated a selection of research that explores a variety of subject-specific and pedagogical themes, plus some examples of current research in the field of educational theory.

While some of the reports have been commissioned by Pearson as part of our ongoing research, there are several pieces from other academic and research-based institutions.

Clackmannanshire Report: The effects of synthetic phonics teaching on reading and spelling attainment
This seven-year research trial and report was instrumental in shaping government advice on the use of systematic phonics to teach primary children to read.

The 4 Pillars: Abacus efficacy research
To ensure children master a robust understanding and secure foundation in maths, Abacus follows a ‘four-pillar’ approach based on research.

What doesn't work in education: The Politics of Distraction
Renowned education researcher John Hattie explores common policy ‘fixes’ that distract from other, potentially better, solutions.

Preparing for a Renaissance in Assessment
In this report, Sir Michael Barber and assessment expert Dr Peter Hill explain how new technologies will transform assessment and testing in education.

Rapid reading intervention: Case study report
This robust independent research study reveals that Rapid can improve a child’s reading age by significantly more than the normal rate of progress.

Exploring Effective Pedagogy in Primary Schools: Evidence from Research
What makes an excellent teacher? Research shows that a good sense of humour and a conversational style are two of the key ingredients of great teaching.

To teach, to learn: More effective continuous professional development for teachers
Recommendations from CentreForum for improving the quality of teaching through a commitment to continuous improvement in teachers’ skills and knowledge.

Understanding What Enables High Quality Professional Learning
This report from CUREE addresses the question, “what are the characteristics of high-quality professional learning for practitioners in education?”

Impacts of the Digital Ocean on Education
This report highlights the potential of technology to capture data and turn it into meaningful information that teachers can use to assist their students.