You’re there at the start of a child’s learning journey – in fact, you’ve got one of the most important jobs there is. Here’s what everyone’s talking about in primary education right now.

Progress and assessment

Now the old National Curriculum levels are a thing of the past, how you assess and measure your pupil’s achievement is up to you. But with little guidance from the DfE, you might be left wondering what the best option is for your school and your pupils. We’ve got the information, advice and tools you need to plan your own approach to assessment with confidence.

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Support for the primary curriculum

We’ve got all the information you need to build a fantastic curriculum in your school, as well as manage changes smoothly when you need to. Meet our experts, watch videos, read articles and guides and get the lowdown on curriculum development and best practice.

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Working with parents

72% of teachers say that children who enjoy regular reading time with parents at home have more developed language skills and higher reading levels. So it couldn’t be more important to get mums and dads involved with their children’s education. Take a look at our free support for encouraging learning at home.

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