If you like to know how things work, how they are built or how they are put together, then this might be the right sector for you.

There are many jobs to choose from at a range of different levels. These days, nearly all jobs in engineering, construction and manufacturing will require some qualifications or training. In most cases, you’ll be working with a team. You’ll need to work safely and you might be required to wear protective clothing. You might think that you’ll get dirty doing this type of work, but there are plenty of jobs where you get to wear smart clothes and keep clean.

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Skills and qualities needed

  • Interpreting diagrams and charts
  • Solving practical problems
  • Numeracy
  • Team work
  • Technical skills.

Career areas


Making, building and maintaining homes, business premises, hospitals, schools, roads and bridges.


Designing and building things in four main areas: mechanical, electrical, chemical or civil engineering.


Making things in large quantities. Jobs in manufacturing fall into four main areas: product research and development, design, production and distribution.