There’s more than one way to get a great education. Find out about other routes of learning after leaving school, and how you can get help to pay for them.

A guide to apprenticeships

Find out what they are, how they’re funded and how they might affect your family benefits.

National Apprenticeship site
This website should answer most of your questions about apprenticeships, and you can search for vacancies too.

Not Going to Uni
This detailed apprenticeship and vocational training guide was started by a student who wanted to know more about options other than going to university.

The Apprenticeships channel on YouTube
Videos and interviews with young people and employers.

Sponsored learning

If your son or daughter wants to go into the Armed Forces, the NHS or social work, they might be able to get sponsorship for their further education.

The British Army
The Army can help with scholarships, grants and bursaries to help young people get qualifications before they join.

The Royal Navy
Sponsorship, scholarships and bursaries are on offer for learners who want to become officers or engineers in the Royal Navy or Royal Marines.

The Royal Air Force
The RAF offer scholarships and sponsorships to support outstanding candidates.

NHS bursaries
Find out about bursaries to help cover the costs of medicine, dentistry, nursing and healthcare courses in England.

Social work bursaries
Find out about the bursaries available for training in social work – they don’t depend on your household income and don’t have to be paid back.

Information about the different kinds of financial support available on top of a student loan.

Finance for learning other than degrees

Not everyone wants to go to university, but your son or daughter might still need financial support for further education like A and AS levels, Scottish Highers and vocational qualifications.

The National Union of Students (NUS)
Information about support for further education, including bursary funding for those aged 16 to 19, and grants and loans for older students.

Funding for further education courses
Find out about what qualifications you have to pay for, and what financial support is out there for learners in further education.

University access, achievement and employability with vocational qualifications

A levels may be the traditional route to university, but there are lots of higher education courses that will accept vocational qualifications too.

Information about the vocational route into higher education. Based at the University of Bath, the site has a focus on south west England but it’s useful for other areas too.

Careerpilot qualification planner
The Careerpilot website also has a useful planner linked to qualification levels.

UCAS tariff
Find out what the UCAS points are for different qualifications.

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