Not everyone passes the first time. Here’s everything you need to know to support your son or daughter if they need to take an A level or GCSE exam again.

About retakes

Retakes for GCSEs and A levels can be arranged through a local school or college, as long as it’s a recognised centre. How much it costs will depend on the exam board and whether the subject involves coursework or not. There are rules about how many retakes are possible.

The association of independent sixth form colleges answers questions about A level retakes.

A timeline of reforms to GCSE and A levels.

Department for Education
Information about changes to GCSE exams and retakes.

Easter holiday revision courses for GCSE and A level

Easter is a great time for students to focus and firm up everything they’ve learnt so far. CIFE has a list of revision courses, and there may be other private organisations offering them near you.

Information, dates and prices for a range of Easter revision courses organised by CIFE sixth form colleges.

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