Find out about the training and development opportunities that can benefit you and your organisation.

Sector development forums

Our sector development forum events for work-based learning and colleges are designed to inform, update and educate.

The events offer opportunities for you to hear from subject specialists, and will give you the chance to network with them and other centres. We'll also:

  • update you on any changes or new qualifications in your sector
  • encourage sharing best practice
  • provide updates on employability and traineeships
  • provide updates on apprenticeships and new apprenticeship standards developments and activity
  • provide workshops to meet educators’ needs.

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British Psychological Society training

If you’re looking to administer and interpret psychometric tests, our BPS Test User training for Occupational Ability and Personality tests will give you the skills you need.

We offer the training as a combined 4-day course. Alternatively, you can choose to take the courses individually as 2-day Ability and Personality courses.

Why train as a BPS test user?

  • Save your company's budget - no more consultancy fees
  • Plan and run recruitment campaigns on your terms
  • Obtain an industry-standard, transferable qualification
  • Be trained by experienced business psychologists
  • Get 10% discount if you book combined ability and personality training.

Events we attend

We support and attend a number of key annual events run by third parties.