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At Pearson, we’re committed to publishing standardised assessments and interventions that meet the needs of professionals working with children and adults in health and psychology settings worldwide.

Professionals in health and psychology settings use these measures as part of their assessment processes, to get the best from and for the people with whom they work.

Working with some of the most respected names in the health and psychological fields, we provide robust and reliable assessments to help you to assess an individual's area of need, and plan measures that can support them throughout their life.

Evolving clinical outcomes

See how we are bringing together experts in their clinical fields and the innovative practice of leading practitioners to develop gold-standard digital assessments – Q-interactive and Q-global.

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Our catalogues

Download or request a catalogue for the kind of help you’re looking for. We have a selection ranging from speech and language assessments to our health and psychology catalogue.

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Register with us

All our customers need to register with us before buying any of our tools. It’s free, and it means that our materials are only used by qualified practitioners, with professional care and in appropriate situations.

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Training and support

We offer a wide range of training and support tools and events so you can continue to develop and support the needs of the individuals you work with.

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