Find out how to become a Pearson author or reviewer, and how to submit a book proposal to us at Pearson Business or Financial Times Publishing.

We publish trade, consumer and professional books in business, finance, management, strategy, entrepreneurship, personal development, popular psychology and careers.

Thinking about writing for us?

At Pearson, we recognise that not all learners are the same, whether they’re studying at home or in the workplace. We believe in making learning personal, and that’s why we’re developing a wide range of books and eLearning products to suit all learning and teaching styles. We’re always looking for exciting new projects to work on and new authors to work with. If you have ideas to explore, we want to hear about them. So why not get in touch?

Why become a Pearson author?

As a Pearson author, you’ll benefit from our:

  • elite publishing brands with world-class reputations
  • active author coaching and publishing expertise
  • excellence in product development and design
  • experience in innovation
  • access to more markets, and high street book stores
  • global reach and strength in sales and marketing.  

Become a Pearson author

How to submit a book proposal for Pearson Business
Whether readers want more confidence or less stress, a new skill or a different perspective, Pearson Business books help them to make a change for the better.

How to submit a book proposal for Financial Times Publishing
This joint effort from the Financial Times and Pearson brings together the best minds in the business world, to publish market leading trade, consumer and professional titles.

Delivering your manuscript
Everything you need to know before you send us the final draft of your book, with tips to help you turn it in on time and a checklist of what to include and where.

Who to contact
Want to work with us? If you’re thinking about writing or reviewing for Pearson Business or Financial Times Publishing, or if you’re an agent or a journalist, these are the people to get in touch with.  

Global Rights Licensing for authors
We promote Pearson authors’ work to publishers all over the world, negotiating deals to sell foreign rights to our books and keeping an eye on international sales.  

Reviewing for Pearson

If you'd like to become a reviewer for Pearson, get in touch with the relevant person on our Who to contact page. Tell us about any special interests you have, whether you’d rather work on book or online projects, and anything else that will help us to understand what sort of reviews you’re most interested in doing for us.

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